We offer the following services:

Feasibility Studies

Not sure about purchasing a piece of land or unsure what you can do with your existing site. We can undergo a feasibility study. This will enable you to purchase your property with confidence or proceed with your building project knowing that is feasible.

Concept Design

We take your project brief and turn your ideas and thoughts into 3D models & images. This enables you to easily review the different design options for your project. We then work with you to tweak and adapt the concept designs until you are 100% satisfied with our proposal.

Developed Design

Your chosen concept is developed into a set of drawings, which will enable us to give you a build cost for your project. Once the house specifications and build cost are agreed upon, we can then offer you a fixed price contract for your approval.

Building Consent Application

The drawings are then developed into a full set of construction drawings for submitting to council. We take care of all the documentation that is required for a building consent application. We prepare the Architectural Specification and handle all the paper work. If council have any queries while processing your application, we also take care of these and ensure that the whole process proceeds smoothly.

On Site Observation

If you would like to ensure the builder builds exactly to the plans we can be engaged to carry out on site observation

Homestar Rating

As Homestar Assessors we are fully qualified to assess your house according the Homestar tool guidelines and an award a Design and Built Rating. This will add more value to your property when you come to sell, as the buyer will be confident they are buying a warm and healthy home

Lifemark Rating

Lifemark® rated homes are designed to be usable and safe for people of all ages and stages. They are easy to live in – for a lifetime. We recommend this service if this is your retirement home as it will enable you to live in your home for a s long as possible