Our Homes

  • are guaranteed to be warm & healthy
  • are unique, each design is created to suit our client’s individual needs and style
  • are Homestar rated, between 6 & 10 stars
  • have a reduced environmental impact
  • have lower running costs
  • are Lifemark rated i.e. designed to suit your changing needs

Below, are examples of some of the many features that could be incorporated into your new home design.


Our Homes Original


1 Insulation

140 framing to allow for extra thick insulation, making the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer


2 Joinery

Thermally broken windows specified throughout to reduce heat loss via the window frames


3 Natural Ventilation

Windows on opposite sides of the room allow good cross ventilation


4 Materials

Eco Friendly building materials to be used where possible


5 Heating

Solid fuel burner to be used for supplementary heating. Solid fuel burners are a low carbon dioxide emitting space


6 Eaves

Eaves are designed to allow the winter sun to enter the property but exclude the hot summer sun


7 Water

Rainwater collected from the roof is used to irrigate the garden, flush toilets, supply the hot water system and is also pumped into the laundry


8 Renewable Energy

Solar Photo Voltaic Grid-Connect system to provide least 50% of the home's power requirements